May 6, 2016

Rob Norman Keynotes World Media Econcomics Management Forum

The expanding use of ad-blocking software is creating a dilemma for online advertisers and publishers, who rely on the viewability of ads and on the revenue they provide.

Acknowledging that problem, Rob Norman, the global chief digital officer for the media investment company GroupM, said online companies must “find new and better ways of integrating brands relevantly, smartly, carefully, with a light touch … so we are not rejected.”

Norman spoke on May 5 at the World Media Economics and Management Conference, held May 3–6 at Fordham University. At the biennial gathering, hundreds of media professionals and academics discussed the continuing impact of the digital revolution on legacy media and advertising.

The constant disruption of an ever-changing digital media landscape also was a topic: Hence the title of Norman’s presentation, “The End of the Beginning of Digital Marketing,” which was adapted from GroupM’s annual report on digital marketing and future trends.



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