June 22, 2016

Rob Norman offers new rules of engagement after ANA transparency report

After criticising the ANA's recent transparency report, Cheif Digital Officer and North America Chairman Rob Norman outlines new guidelines for media agencies and their clients.

The best relationships between advertisers and media services companies are achieved by transparent and productive dialogue between existing partners and by those entering into new partnerships or reviewing existing ones. 

In the spirit of positive thinking let's assume the objectives of almost any review are the same: To work with good people you believe can deliver the best business outcomes at the right price in your pursuit of competitive advantage. This holistic objective requires a holistic process. So, how do we make that happen? There are four steps that we can all agree are important. 


1. Agree the contract framework

2. Set an assignment that reflects the real requirements of the intended relationship

3. Evaluate

4. Appoint, or extend the contract


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