October 19, 2016

Stop Counting Wrong and Learn to Love Independent Measurement

Everything you think you know about digital attribution today is wrong. Your fifteen-year old desktop solution set has been invalidated almost overnight by the massive shift to mobile; as of 2016, 26.4% of time with all media (including TV and print) is spent on mobile devices. That's well over half of all time spent with digital. Because of this, advertisers must reboot their approach to how they measure and attribute conversions. Buyers and sellers of media need independent measurement partners to provide trustworthy, reliable data about the path-to-conversion in a mobile first world. But as an industry, we've become complacent and too accepting of legacy systems, conflicting ownership interests and walled gardens.

How did we get here? We started off on the wrong foot 15-plus years ago by counting clicks and relying on the cookie as a "Willy Wonka golden ticket." The challenges compounded massively in the last two years when agencies and marketers tried to migrate desktop measurement systems to mobile. Click-through rates are fractions of a percent, cookies don't work in mobile apps, and people don't consistently log in to every environment. And worst of all, many of the measurement systems are now owned by the biggest sellers of media -- making it impossible to independently validate performance.



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