January 5, 2018

Stuart Garvie: There’s more to TV than Brand Safety

MiC is looking back at the issues and trends of 2017 with some of the brightest minds in the business, discussing what shaped the industry over the last 365 days, what baggage the business will carry into 2018 and what they hope will change in the months ahead. Read our previous interviews in the series here.

For the last two months, Stuart Garvie has been at a new gig — sort of – taking over the newly created CEO position with GroupM Canada after two years as president of media sales and marketing at Bell Media. Garvie, who spent two years before that as GroupM’s CCO, now has the experience of leaving the buy side for the sell side and then venturing back again.

He has never been shy about his opinions, whether it’s on industry pricing wars and why dollars are shifting away from TV. When MiC caught up with him this week, Garvie dove into what’s standing between the TV industry and better buys, what role digital can play in media going forward, and more.

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