October 4, 2016

The CMO’s bucket challenge

GroupM's Mark Patterson takes a look at how the CIO and CMO can work together to deliver better customer experiences and drive brand growth. 

In today’s age of digital marketing, the CMO and CIO are interdependent in managing customer data in pursuit of demand and growth. They have to be joined at the hip. It is now a necessity that the CIO cultivates the data that enables multiple stakeholders in the organisation—marketing, sales, media, research, PR and others—to work collaboratively and easily across functions. This is especially critical for Asia-Pacific CMOs. In a study by Accenture, CMO-CIO Alignment 2014, on the relationship between CIOs and CMOs in the region, 42 percent of CMOs felt that technology is siloed and too difficult to use to create cross-channel experiences.

As more data can be applied to segmentation and media targeting, it follows that the CIO must create a platform informed by, and deployed by, the CMO for the application of that data in the real world. Importantly, internal data symmetry across functions allows the enterprise to create external data advantage relative to competitors and media partners. By knowing something about a customer or even an ad impression that is not known by competitors or others in the marketing supply chain, the marketers enhance their own knowledge position and leverage relative to media partnerships and secures a strategic advantage relative to competitors. 

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