August 10, 2016

The Exchange Lab’s CEO, Chris Dobson on Future Proofing Programmatic

The Exchange Lab’s proprietary programmatic platform, Proteus, is all about being future proof. Proteus offers advertisers a single solution that adapts to their business needs, and that’s helped the company stand apart in an increasingly cluttered and competitive marketplace.


Proteus is a Meta-DSP, (demand side platform), a kind of super platform that unifies the largest DSPs into one interface, giving brands a complete view of the market and enabling them to create campaigns from a massively wide range of inventory sources. Proteus analyzes trading patterns to select the best inventory options and plays to the strengths of each DSP in order to maximize performance. It aggregates data to give The Exchange Labs’ clients better reach, greater scale, more campaign analytics and superior cost-saving efficiencies while having access to the highest-quality inventory globally.


“We discovered a long time ago that DSPs are not all the same,” says CEO Chris Dobson. “They have different access to different inventory, they have different algorithms, they also have different strengths.”



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