February 29, 2016

The GroupM Talent Advantage

The GroupM Talent Team is a microcosm of the advantages that GroupM offers our agencies and clients. A team of in-house specialists who deliver at scale to provide increased business efficiency & value.

Until 2007 we were exclusively using external recruiters to find and attract talent. As well as incurring significant additional costs, external recruiters were not best placed to represent our business to attract the exceptional talent we demand. Fast forward to 2015 and we have established a centralised team of in-house recruitment specialists: experts in recruitment, our business, and how to attract the type of candidates we need to realise our vision. Through having recruiters in-house GroupM is better able to win the war for digital talent, and recruit people with the data, trading and technology skills that gives our clients advantage. Moreover, we generate savings that benefit our clients – in 2015 alone we saved significant sums on recruitment fees, which was re-invested in unique technology, data and talent to better serve our clients.

The digital revolution is transforming our economy. Asymmetries of information and skills in the market place are compounded by digital technology, presenting a significant and ever present threat to both our client’s businesses and our own. As well as helping our clients transform their businesses to adapt to the rigours of the digital economy, we have also transformed our workforce to adapt to and lead this change.

In 2013 only 12% of the hires made by GroupM Talent were data or digital centric. However, in 2015 66% of all of our hires specified a need for digital or data at the heart of the role. GroupM had led the transition to using technology to evaluate and invest in media, delivering results and value for our clients. In collaboration with our agencies, we have forged a new normal with digital and data at the heart of everything that we do.

However, GroupM hasn’t simply hired digital talent into our business. We have invested time and money in reskilling our existing people to deliver progress for them as well as our clients. In 2012 we created the GroupM University (GMU), a team dedicated to helping all our staff enhance their skills. As well as classroom courses, the GMU utilizes digital delivery to provide an efficient & effective learning experience, tailored to the individual staff member but delivered at scale. The training and development material provided by GMU continues to adapt to the changing needs of the industry.

Aware of the potential for programmatic buying technology to deliver advantage for our clients and agencies, in 2013 we undertook the largest programmatic training programme in the UK. Nearly 3,000 of our associated staff received training on programmatic media buying, empowering them to better collaborate across disciplines, identify more inventive solutions for clients, and deliver better service to them.

Despite the unrivalled scale GroupM leverages for our clients, we have to remain nimble and responsive to continuously deliver game-changing advantage. As well as giving clients visionary leadership across technology, data and media investment. The extent to which we hire great new talent, or keep, challenge and develop our existing talent also continue to give our clients unique advantage.


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