June 20, 2016

What publishers should do about ad blocking now

John Montgomery is chairman of GroupM Connect, North America.

Recently, there was an ad blocking summit hosted by The Interactive Advertising Bureau preceded by a joint meeting of the IAB, Association of National Advertisers and the American Association of Advertising Agencies dedicated to the ad blocking. I attended both, and I felt that constructive progress was made toward both understanding the threat and taking decisive action. During the IAB summit, a number of publishers presented research on why users resort to ad blockers and showed a variety of approaches that have been taken to mitigate their effect.

While the research insights were interesting to hear, they pretty much confirmed what we already know: Consumers don’t like it when advertising gets between them and their content, especially if there is no opportunity to skip or turn ads off. They hate invasive ad formats, heavy ad-density, they have little patience for latency, and it drives them crazy when we stalk them incessantly for items that they have already bought.

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