March 9, 2016

Why can't there be a female Martin Sorrell?

“It’s brilliant, it’s amazing. I am really honoured” says Lindsay Pattison on being the sole global female leader at Maxus and the source of ‘diversity’ at global executive committee meetings in her own words.

Pattison is launching various initiatives to further foster and nurture women leadership at Maxus, like Walk the Talk’, a firm believer in being ambitious and leading from the front. Pattison believes that Maxus India is self-sustained; not only in terms of size, but it scores quite high in terms of qualitative skills, and is a star rated agency that has outplayed other markets in terms of qualitative skills.

Read excerpts from a chat with Lindsay Pattison – CEO Maxus Worldwide on getting Maxus into the global top ten agency list in two years, raising successors, being ambitious while being collaborative and more here



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