April 15, 2016

Why It's Time to Mobilise at Advertising Week Europe

Brands must look beyond apps and focus on high quality and varied mobile advertising, says the global president of GroupM.

As well as being ready to debate and celebrate our industry at Advertising Week Europe, we must all be contemplating how much advertising has changed and be questioning the opportunities and challenges represented by our increasing mobilisation.

According to a recent IDC study, more than two billion people currently access the web on mobile or portable devices. While the UK and US markets are saturated, usage continues to grow. Google's mobile search business has accelerated and reportedly, Amazon’s sales growth has consistently exceeded the online sales rate across Europe. All consumer innovation and new technology will orbit mobile – if it doesn’t already (think everything from Uber to Fitbit). And the number of "mobile dependents" is set to rise in developed countries and even more rapidly in emerging markets, so mobile strategies are key for marketing at home in Europe and abroad.



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