August 19, 2016

Xaxis Ad Labs is Helping Advertisers to Personalize Creative with Data

Most people in ad tech land have heard of Xaxis, WPP’s programmatic media unit. But what about Xaxis Ad Labs? It’s a business unit within Xaxis that has a creative services business offering desktop display and mobile creative services. It also works with display assets to make them mobile.

In addition, the unit does product development within Xaxis. It employs data and targeting specialists, designers, and developers who help devise ad formats and data integrations with creative.

And, of course, Xaxis Ad Labs works on programmatic creative and campaigns in which it takes real-time data signals and generates creative templates based on those signals. For example, it will make ad copy for a campaign targeting moms different from copy for a campaign targeting outdoor enthusiasts.

Tim Bagwell, VP of Xaxis Ad Labs, said there are often missed opportunities for creative stakeholders to work with media-buying professionals. He said media pros are always thinking about creative capabilities. 



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