June 12, 2014

Xaxis Extends Lead in Programmatic Space with Debut of Next Generation Data Management Platform, Turbine

Xaxis Extends Lead in Programmatic Space with Debut of Next Generation Data Management Platform, Turbine

Xaxis, the world's largest programmatic media and technology company, announced today the launch of Turbine, a proprietary new data management platform (DMP) that brings unprecedented accuracy and performance to global advertisers’ digital campaigns. Built around a unique streaming data engine, Turbine is the industry’s first and only DMP that creates proprietary and anonymous audience segments in real-time then actions these segments across premium inventory along all digital channels.

Developed with a Xaxis investment of more than 25MM USD, Turbine represents a fundamental shift in DMP architecture, taking audience segmentation from a two-step process, where data is first stored and then analyzed, to an always-on analysis of raw, anonymous audience data streams. For advertisers, these constantly updating and optimizing audience segments delivered by Turbine’s Audience Creation Engine (ACE) mean that new opportunities can be identified and acted upon in minutes not hours. Equally important, with Turbine’s proprietary audiences, advertisers are not limited to building strategies around the same 3rd party audience data sets in use by everyone else.

“Xaxis has a rich history of building proprietary data technology, beginning with our introduction of the industry’s first DMP,” said Mark Grether, global COO of Xaxis. “Turbine represents the next step in our ongoing evolution, enabling our clients to extract more meaning more quickly from the massive amounts of anonymous big data being generated on a moment by moment basis. In a recent UK study, Xaxis data drove at least a 50% reduction in cost per acquisition versus 3rd party data.”

Turbine’s stream processing engine continually responds to changes in behavior patterns inferred from more than 2 trillion anonymous data points to reach better decisions more quickly. This stream processing architecture also accelerates Turbine’s audience intelligence as data volumes increase. Using proprietary predictive modelling algorithms, machine learning and advanced semantic technology, Turbine automatically determines what audiences to create, in which context, in order to target and optimally meet the needs of each campaign.

“Audience segments are remarkably fluid, with relevance evolving in real time based upon a multitude of continually changing factors,” said Richard Lloyd, vice president, Platform at Xaxis. “Turbine is the industry’s first solution to bring a real time element to the audience creation process, providing clients with an unmatched advantage for maximizing the performance of their programmatic campaigns.”

Turbine is fully integrated with the Xaxis execution platforms, which provide first look or exclusive access to the industry’s largest worldwide portfolio of premium, brand-safe inventory across display, online video, mobile, social, Internet radio and digital-out-of-home channels. Not only can advertisers better identify the best audiences, they can reach them wherever they access media and on premium inventory available exclusively through Xaxis.

- See more at: http://www.xaxis.com/press/view/xaxis-extends-lead-in-programmatic-space-with-debut-of-next-generation-dmp#sthash.CzDcahpe.dpuf


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