2023 Tech Trends Through the Lens of CES

The innovations showcased at CES 2023 in Las Vegas underscored the possibilities of better living through technology, unveiling product innovations that addressed the changing consumer needs and behaviors brought on by the pandemic.

Those creative solutions are predicated on technologies like AI, which enable tech tools to continuously learn with use and improve their offering. Regardless of how brands experiment with these emerging technologies in the year ahead, it’s important for marketers to recognize that everyone has the ability, and the responsibility, to support consumers’ overt or subconscious desire for better living, especially if it’s better through technology.

Keep in mind that these are tech trends that will impact and evolve consumer behaviors, investments and expectations not only over the next 12 months, but — more likely — over the next two-to-five years. Maintaining this perspective will help brands find strategic ways to apply these trends and their implications to consumer-facing and internally-facing initiatives.