Addressable Advantage: Driving Business Growth with Addressable TV

Creative messaging optimization within addressable media represents a huge opportunity for brands to dial up campaign effectiveness. But, it has been largely overlooked.

The right creative elicits emotion and engages both the left and right sides of the brain achieving the best results when telling brand stories on TV screens.

And, the more people feel, the more they buy. So, what does your ad make people feel? And how can you influence emotive response via your TV ad creatives?

To ignite an industry-wide creative awakening, we partnered with System1, a leader in advertising effectiveness to learn more about the emotive response that addressable TV ads evoke and what impact that has on business growth.

The report reveals:

  • Greater long-term impact – Ads shown to addressable TV audiences averaged 3.0 Stars, ranking them in the top 33% of all ads.
  • Deeper emotion – TV ads elicited strong emotional intensity among addressable TV audiences, including more positive emotion.
  • Quicker response – Addressable TV audiences respond more intensely to ads than the broader audience, indicating a potential for better short-term business effects.
  • Right-brain features – Ads with melody, people, humor and familiar places produced more positive reactions, which lead to long-term business growth.
How to Test Your Ad Works

System1 used its Test Your Ad platform to measure audience response to advertising from advertisers in the U.K., U.S., Canada and Australia, among both a broad and an addressable audience. Ads are given Star and Spike ratings. Star predicts long-lasting market share gain, sales and profits. It measures the emotional response to your ad. Meanwhile, Spike predicts short-term sales potential via the speed of brand recognition and the intensity of emotion created.