Advantage: Consumer Eye (Issue 1)


Through the lens of the consumer, GroupM APAC’s Advantage: Consumer Eye series will delve deeper into the issues, debates, and predictions of GroupM APAC Services’ ADVANTAGE video series, which invites industry experts to share their perspectives on media, data, and technology. We invite everyone to join the discussion on some of the macro-level issues facing marketing today and how we can collectively “Make Advertising Work Better for People.” 

In this first installment, we focus on the ethical responsibilities our industry faces in the areas of privacy and identity. As an industry, issues relating to this have been rising in prominence in recent years due to the upcoming deprecation of third-party cookies. 

From a consumer perspective, while there is an important debate over the transparency and ease of data privacy measures, the evidence shows consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about data privacy and would like more control. 

In this article, we focus on the consumer perspective regarding data privacy, looking at three areas where we can and should take ethical leadership in “Making Advertising Work Better for People”: 

  1. Responsibility for people’s comfort 
  2. Responsibility to return value to people 
  3. Responsibility to support journalism