Advantage: Consumer Eye (Issue 3)

GroupM Services APAC


Through the lens of the consumer, the Advantage: Consumer Eye series will delve deeper into the issues, debates, and predictions of GroupM Services APAC’s ADVANTAGE video series, which invites industry experts to share their perspectives on media, data, and technology. We invite everyone to join the discussion on some of the macro-level issues facing marketing today and how we can collectively “Make Advertising Work Better for People.”

In this edition, we look back on our recent ADVANTAGE videos covering the rise, role, and future of social commerce. While industry experts are unequivocal about the growth of social commerce, we look through the lens of the consumer to investigate key talking points on how social commerce can “Make Advertising Work Better for People.”

We look at this from three perspectives:

  1. Integrating social commerce
  2. Executing social commerce
  3. Nurturing social commerce

In the ADVANTAGE videos, our guest speakers highlighted the unique opportunities that social commerce delivers in expanding existing e-commerce capabilities and replicating certain physical commerce experiences.

These advantages appear clearly when we observe from a consumer perspective, in particular, social commerce’s strength in discovery and bridging the online gap to receive purchase advice. While all platforms increasingly perform multiple functions, this is what social commerce is most known for. However, integrating, executing, and nurturing social commerce will be crucial.