Badass Bosses Unite at CES 2020 To Share Leadership & Career Advice

  • POV’s
  • January 8, 2020
  • Meghan Lavin
GroupM & She Runs It partnered on an exclusive networking event & panel discussion to empower female leaders in marketing, media, tech, & more

On Tuesday evening at CES, GroupM, in partnership with She Runs It, hosted “The Best Of The Badass Bosses,” a networking event and panel discussion that united esteemed female marketing and tech leaders to discuss their career paths, leadership experiences, and strategies for becoming a “badass boss.”

She Runs It has a stated mission to pave the way for women to lead at every level of marketing, media, tech, and this event inspired attendees to become stronger and more successful leaders regardless of their gender, race, or background.

The discussion was moderated by She Runs It President & CEO, Lynn Branigan and she was joined by panelists Zena Srivatsa Arnold, Global Head of Growth, ChromeOS, Google; Britta Bomhard, CMO of Church & Dwight; Kyoko Matsushita, Global CEO, Essence; and Amanda Richman, U.S. CEO, Wavemaker.

So, how do you become a badass boss? There were several key themes in the panel discussion that can help you work your way up the ladder:

Have Measurable Goals

Take on roles where success is clearly defined, and goals are measurable. Having a direct impact on your company’s P&L or on your manager’s success is a great way to prove your value and rise the ranks.

Build Strategic & Impactful Relationships

The importance of relationships was a key theme of the conversation. All panelists recommended finding a mentor or sponsor who can provide guidance and feedback throughout your career; however, in today’s always-on world, it can be difficult to find time to be a mentor or to connect with one. But a way around that, as the panel recommended, is to give “fast feedback” – in the moment, organic and authentic feedback that ensures mentorship is happening without having to put another meeting on the calendar.

Additionally, it’s important to create strategic alliances of positive reinforcement. Find someone at your organization to routinely endorse to others. That complimentary feedback will make its way back to the individual and will likely result in them endorsing you in return, which builds your reputation and credibility.

Build a Team Whose Skills Complement Yours, Not Mimic Them

Surround yourself with a strong team whose skills are different than yours. Building a strong team with a diverse set of skills will help accomplish large and complex projects that would not be possible with a team of individuals with the same skillset or perspective.

Be Vocal & Exert Your Influence

Use your voice and express your opinion. If you’re at a meeting, participate and speak up. Don’t feel like you must wait for the exact right pause in the conversation to share perspective and POV.

Don’t be afraid to exert your influence. The panelists shared ways to “start small” if you’re not accustomed to influencing. You can start by recommending changes to small things, like changes to conference room locations or meeting times. By supporting those ideas with compelling and convincing rationale, you’ll receive buy-in and build credibility. Co-workers will be more easily persuaded in the future and you’ll begin to develop greater influence over larger decisions and strategies.