Choreograph x Google Audience Insights API integration

Google and Choreograph, the data and technology organization that powers media activation across GroupM, have formed a groundbreaking partnership to create a transformative new audience planning tool designed to open up and optimize new paths to ROI on YouTube.

The tool utilizes Google’s already-powerful Insights Finder, which turns anonymous Google signals into more effective marketing activations across YouTube. Then, Choreograph brings that data into the Choreograph insights platform to build even better audiences and compound the value that can be drawn from the data.

“By teaming up with Google and leveraging the latest behavioral data, we knew we could do something really different,” says Stephan Bruneau, President, Insights and Planning Product at Choreograph. “It has really fundamentally changed the way that we identify audiences on YouTube.”

“Audiences are where brands can truly differentiate themselves,“ says Ryan Stonehouse, Director of YouTube and Video Solutions at Google. “And they ended up creating things that were even more insightful than we could have ever imagined.”

Since its beta launch, the tool has been adding new multinational clients each week, quickly accumulating more than 400 users and 1,000+ audiences. Clients have already seen positive impacts to their YouTube campaigns, including increases in targetable interest segments and decreases in time to audience alignment.