John Montgomery to Speak at DMEXCO on Brand Safety 2.0

John Montgomery - EVP, Global Brand Safety

Brand safety remains an important consideration for advertisers as 2020 continues to unfold. With new factors rapidly appearing across new avenues – like policy shifts, Connected TV, DOOH, gaming, increased fake news and deepfakes, the degradation of local news, etc. – brand safety measures are needing to evolve equally as fast to ensure and maintain consumer trust.

Join John Montgomery, GroupM’s Global Executive Vice President for Brand Safety, on Wednesday, September 23 at 10:30 AM EST/4:30PM CET as he sits down with Rob Rasko, President of the Brand Safety Summit, to discuss his perspective on the biggest brand safety topics of this year, what Brand Safety 2.0 is and how, we as industry leaders, can ensure online safety for brands and consumers, both now and for the long term.