Krystal Olivieri to Speak at Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit on Data Ethics in Online Advertising

With consumer trust in online advertising at a low point, advertisers are coming to terms with some home truths: they neglected to put producers of “big data” – people – at the crux of their approach to harness it. Far too often, advertisers have captured as much data as they needed to run campaigns without asking whether it was ethically the right thing to be doing. This session looks at what steps advertisers can take to navigate the industry’s ethical minefield responsibly.

Join Krystal Olivieri, GroupM’s SVP of Global Data Strategy and Partnerships, on Tuesday, November 17 at 1:15 PM ET as she sits down for a one-on-one chat with Seb Joseph, Digiday’s Brands editor, to discuss how data ethics in online advertising takes shape.