GroupM Brand Safety Guide 2019

GroupM Brand Safety Team

While advertisers continue to become more sophisticated in leveraging digital platforms and navigating the digital ad ecosystem, so too has the complexity of the potential risks – financial, reputational, and legal.

GroupM continues to take a leadership role in guiding clients through this, and our Brand Safety Team released the 2019 GroupM Brand Safety Guide. This analyzes the impact of recent shifts in the industry, especially in regard to contextual brand safety awareness, and what readers can expect on the horizon. It defines GroupM’s frameworks, approaches and recommendations focused in four major areas:

  • Social Responsibility and Contextual Risk
  • Programmatic Brand Safety
  • Privacy and Data Compliance
  • Ad Fraud

Launched in 2016, and a first of its kind for the industry, GroupM’s Brand Safety Team is dedicated to creating best practices for protecting clients in all areas of risk in the digital inventory supply chain. We believe an ad placed must be viewable by a real human who is in our target audience, served in an appropriate editorial environment, underpinned by independent industry certification and third-party verification while being mindful of user-experience and privacy.