GroupM Launches Fourth ‘Thailand Digital Playbook’

Bangkok – GroupM, WPP’s world-leading media investment group and Thailand’s leading media operation, is launching “Thailand Digital Playbook 2019”, an annual report in its 4th edition that offers insights on marketing and consumer trends for marketers in Thailand.

The first and second editions forecasted changes in Thailand’s digital industry via hidden gems – the first-time mass internet users. The third edition in 2018 analysed the tactics and strategies of the ecommerce era through the rise of digital transactions.

Thailand Digital Playbook 2019 deepens the look at Thailand’s digital industry, with key insights on digital advertising expenditures, market and media insights, consumer trends, along with other insightful data from proprietary researches and partners of GroupM Agencies in Thailand.
The topics discuss in Thailand Digital Playbook 2019 are:

  • Digital Advertising Growth – GroupM is forecasting massive incremental digital advertising investments, + 16%, particularly among the top three ad categories: motor vehicles, communications, and banks. This aggregates to more than 14.33 Billion Baht in digital advertising spending.
  • The Evolution of Thai Consumers – Use of an anonymous, digital personal ID is an absolute must in increasingly addressable media; today, traditional demographic such as age and gender are no longer sufficient for accountability of more personalized commercial message exposure.
  • Treasuring Data – in the maturing digital era, marketers are evolving beyond just data purchasing, it is now crucial for marketers to collect and establish audience data of their own. 
  • Tricks of the Trade – brand safety practices and trusted marketplaces allow for brands to advance their agenda in digital media with allocation of data efficiently through the continuous changes in consumer journey.

Click here for Thailand Digital Playbook 2019.