Media Landscapes

Brian Wieser

In our new publication, Media Landscapes, Rob Norman and Brian Wieser provide a portrait of the media industry with an eye toward the ways in which it affects the large brands. They examine some of media’s key protagonists through essays on:

  • MEDIA FRAGMENTATION: How concentrated or fragmented are media suppliers to the world’s largest advertisers? We explore this through GroupM’s spending shares among media suppliers and find it is relatively more fragmented than many observers might think.
  • DIGITAL MEDIA GIANTS: How have the world’s largest digital media players impacted the industry and the world more broadly? To what degree will regulators or other factors constrain them?
  • TV/FILM STUDIO AND NETWORK OWNERS: How are streaming services impacting the business models of traditional video-centric companies? How will they evolve in the future?
  • TELCOS AND CABLE OPERATORS: Convergence used to be a buzzword, but now it is a reality for many companies. Why has the move into media for facilities-based companies (cable operators and telcos) worked well for some, but not for others?
  • NON-AD SUPPORTED COMPANIES: Many of the companies who are most impacting advertising either have no advertising or do not depend on it. How does their presence within the industry impact everyone else?
  • MEDIA AGENCIES: With fragmentation and complexity likely to be permanent features of the industry, we summarize our report by emphasizing the continuing relevance of media agencies.