GroupM Nexus

We provide activation services and intelligence, enhanced by technology and AI that make advertising work better for people.

As the industry’s leading team of media performance experts in digital channels and platforms, search, social, programmatic, AI, cross-channel optimization, and data-driven technologies and software, our teams are collectively responsible for the activation of more than two million campaigns managed by GroupM each year.

Connected Talent

One Community

GroupM Nexus brings together 9,000 practitioners globally across ad ops, addressable content & TV, AI, commerce, programmatic, search and social, among others, to deliver transformational outcomes across digital channels and platforms and create exciting new career paths for our people.

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Connected Technology

One Performance Engine for Growth
Focused on enabling multi-channel insight, we will incubate a new technology engine that integrates existing and future technologies and tools for campaign planning, activation, and optimization. This outcome-driven engine will be powered by machine learning and AI.

Connected Thinking

One Organization and Approach
Powered by the world’s leading global media performance talent and technologies, we will adopt a client engagement model that delivers tailor-made, outcome-driven, digital capabilities at scale and speed for clients.

Delivering on the promise of true cross-channel campaigns and insights

Media needs to be more accountable across all channels, platforms, and devices. A channel-neutral, outcome-first approach with clearly defined and mutually agreed goals should be a standard and staple in all client campaigns. To continue to drive this transformation, through GroupM Nexus, we are investing in the world’s leading global media performance organization with skilled technical experts, software development and agile, connected processes and teams that enable us to continuously set new benchmarks for the industry across search, social, programmatic, addressable and more.

We’re here to ensure that digital media campaigns for our clients launch accurately and on time.​​

​Our Ad Ops practice provides technology consultation and service level management of Ad Serving, rich media, and ad technology partners, while also helping onboard new clients, managing Conversion Tags and technical QA, and serving as the first point of contact for creative, targeting, and reporting issues. As workflow specialists, our Ad Ops teams serve as advisors for optimizing timing and processes for successful campaign launches including Coding, Creative stewardship and Tag Management.

They also serve as communications hubs and market experts, providing solutions for best-in-class technology for tracking including rich media, Ad Servers, creative requirements/best practices, ad verification, bot fraud and viewability.

Campaigns are increasingly becoming outcomes-driven, especially as audience-first planning becomes the standard and, with the pending deprecation of third-party cookies and the growing number of ad-lite or ad free platforms, there will be fewer opportunities to reach consumers in the future.

This means the future of advertising is one where media and creative are fused together to deliver more relevant experiences for consumers. A powerful and precise addressable strategy, across media and content, will help brands realize more fully the potential and performance of their message and investments.

Through our Addressable Content Practice and Finecast, GroupM Nexus takes clients through the full addressable advertising funnel, from content creation to buying. And with the power of Choreograph behind us, we’re able to create and produce omnichannel content that is informed by media, enabled by data, and delivered through technology across channels, platforms and devices.

In today’s landscape, a powerful and precise addressable strategy, across media and content will help brands realize more fully the potential and performance of their message and investments.

Changes in the media landscape because of the widespread adoption of technology, AI and wireless connectivity means marketers will be increasingly tying together products, consumer experiences and advertising experiences across a number of sectors and channels.

AI should do more than automate—it should amplify human intelligence. And that’s where we make the difference for our clients. As GroupM Nexus’ AI solution, Copilot drives real business outcomes for digital marketers. Started with a vision to help brands reach consumers with inspiring, meaningful, and purchase‑driving content in a scientifically better way, it was incubated in a data‑driven space to tackle programmatic advertising, with a modular and fully customizable approach to big data. Copilot makes thousands of data-driven decisions on top of the DSP to optimize media spend based on specific parameters set by experienced AI engineers.

We apply custom‑fit algorithms that amplify marketing intelligence and optimize campaign performance toward your unique business goals.

We know commerce media, platforms and algorithms better than anyone else in the world. ​

At GroupM, we plan, buy, measure, and optimize more media than anyone else, creating cost savings and leveraging shared knowledge. Boasting the largest algorithm optimization team in the world, we deliver algorithmic advantage to our clients through comprehensive feature analysis and prescriptive recommendations.

Our long-standing, strategic partnerships with technology platforms, marketplaces, and retailers across markets ensure we have the necessary connections to innovate across channels. On top of that, our accreditations are unparalleled. We have more employees trained in Google, Facebook, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Criteo, Instacart (and more) than anyone else.

Our dedicated team of programmatic, omnichannel specialists, advise, strategize, execute and drive results for agencies and clients.​

Our level of programmatic expertise is unmatched. With more than 700 practitioners across 87 markets, our specialists are all highly DSP accredited and globally aligned on best practices and measurable success thanks to the GroupM Programmatic Excellence Playbook and Excellence Dashboards. We leverage our scale not only to get the best media technology and data prices but also to invest in proprietary technology that provides insights-enabling smart bidding to unlock client value.

As one of the largest buyers across Google DV 360, The Trade Desk and the Amazon DSP, our hands-on expertise spans all major DSPs in the market, and our differentiated advantage is the ability to leverage advanced analytics and insights to enable smart bidding for AI-led optimizations.

But we don’t stop there. We are also committed to delivering media and data quality that is brand safe, fraud-free, and transparent.

Driven by an audience-first approach to search marketing, our dedicated, award-winning paid search and SEO specialists are industry leaders trained to creatively target and amplify messaging to deliver results. ​

When you’re the biggest, it makes sense that you’re the best. GroupM is the most certified Google partner globally, and our industry talent have won more than 40 awards over just the past two years alone. With a passion for smart, strategic marketing plans that surpass client expectations, our ever-evolving, comprehensive approach to search marketing spans audience targeting, content addressability, audience identification, and reporting and insights, across paid search, SEO and e-commerce channels.

Our Search Excellence Dashboard and Playbooks connect our global community and maintain high standards of best practices and accountability, and our global footprint gives us a leading edge when it comes to successfully executing campaigns across multiple regions and platforms.

As the biggest global advertiser across Meta, TikTok, and other core social platforms, our GroupM Nexus Social Practice works with 75 of the top 100 global brands, combining the strength of GroupM’s global talent base with our scale, spending power, and deep platform relationships to deliver unsurpassed client results.

Our customer-centric innovations live at the convergence of data usage, platform usability, and commerce, and our teams manage entire campaign lifecycles from budget allocation, strategy, and planning all the way to implementation and reporting, connecting insights and audiences from integrated media approaches for total optimization.

We work with brands in every vertical across every social platform and drive top-to-top Quarterly Business Reviews with all key social platforms to consistently extract first-mover advantages for clients, including the first TikTok Global Partnership and Snapchat’s AR Labs Partnership. And with key leaders represented on the Meta Client Council, Pinterest Global Advisory Board, Reddit Product Advisory Council, LinkedIn Measurement Council and more, we’re connected with thought leaders across the industry to help inform product improvements that benefit our teams and clients.