How The Power of Data Transformed Volvo’s Digital Marketing: Mindshare Sweden & Volvo

The customer path to purchase is a complex one, but none more so than in the automotive industry. And understandably so — with a big-ticket item such as a car, consumers take their time in the research phase before committing to a purchase.

But what if automotive companies could harness their own research to better understand their customer’s journey? That’s exactly what inspired Per Carleö, marketing director of Volvo Car Sweden, to engage media agency Mindshare, powered by Business Science, in creating a bespoke marketing mix model (MMM) to capture the unique journey of a Volvo customer.

“As a marketer, you believe the brand is doing work on a long-term basis,” he says, “but by measuring it, we could see much more. We could see brand preference levels being a strong contributor all the way down to the customer ordering the car. Seeing this having such an impact, even on a short term basis, that was my aha moment.”

But what are the secrets to building, interpreting, and implementing the results of a successful MMM, and has it helped Volvo during the pandemic?

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