India Sports Sponsorship Report 2024

Dive into an in-depth exploration of India’s vibrant sports industry. This detailed report presents a thorough analysis of the evolving landscape, focusing on how sponsorships, endorsements, and media spends are influencing the future trajectory of sports in India.

Key Highlights:
  • Cricket’s Winning Streak: The report explores how cricket, with the Indian Premier League (IPL) at its helm, contributed a whopping 87% to the overall industry spends in 2023.
  • Emerging Sports on the Rise: Despite cricket’s dominance, the report uncovers how other sports like football, kabaddi, badminton, athletics, and more are carving their niche in the Indian sports industry.
  • The Athlete Endorsement Game: The report provides insights into the trends in athlete endorsements, and how sports stars are becoming powerful brand ambassadors.
  • Media Spends in the Spotlight: The report delves into the role of TV and digital media in driving advertising expenses, and how OTT platforms are revolutionizing sports consumption.

Going beyond the numbers, the report offers insights into the societal impact of sports, the rise of women athletes, and the growing importance of participative sports. Drawing from extensive data and expert opinions, it presents a holistic view of the sports industry’s trajectory, its challenges, and opportunities.

This is an exploration of the thrilling innings of India’s sports industry, where every player, every sport, and every rupee spent is contributing to a legacy in the making. Discover the strategies that are turning challenges into opportunities and transforming India into a global sporting powerhouse.