GroupM Sweden Praised for “Change Journey of The Year”

We are proud to announce that GroupM Sweden won the “Greatest Change Journey” category in Brilliant Awards, an annual award for organisations that manage to make a major change during the year — increasing the engagement of their employees.

The result of Brilliant Awards is entirely based on data from employee satisfaction rates (comparison between 2019 and 2020), collected by the organisation Brilliant Future.

“Our ongoing analyses show that committed employees create loyal customers and strengthen businesses. GroupM Sweden leads the way, emphasizing the importance of continuously mapping the employee involvement to gauge how the organization is faring,” said Andreas Ferm, CEO of Brilliant Future.

The collection of data took place during the first half of 2020 and the results are based on a total of 235,000 employee surveys from 185 companies

“We are so enormously honoured and fortunate to have extraordinary staff and professional leaders who, during such a critical year as 2020, have levelled up and committed to being there for colleagues and clients alike. We have become even stronger, challenged every work process and strategy, developed exponentially together and managed to generate a fantastic momentum. Our pride and gratitude know no bounds,” said Martin Hugosson, CEO of GroupM.

About Brilliant Awards – Employee Experience:

  • Lists the companies that have succeeded in creating a work climate with many highly committed employees in their industry.
  • Based on data from companies’ own employee surveys. A total of 185 organizations and 235,000 employee surveys form the basis for the decision.