Media MediaPost All Star: Nicolas Bidon

When Nicolas Bidon took the helm of Xaxis a couple of years ago, the WPP unit has already been through many changes — in leadership and in business models. Not surprisingly, Bidon embarked on transforming it once again, shifting from its roots in ad tech black boxes and programmatic arbitrage to an “outcome-driven” media company that delivered on his clients “real objectives,” by creating ad experiences that their consumers actually welcome.

To do that, Bidon shifted Xaxis’ focus from targeting users with simple media impressions to drive clicks and views to one tied to measurements of actual business outcomes, as well as improved consumer experiences.

On the performance side, he championed Xaxis’ Custom Outcome Indicator (COI), a proprietary system that creates proxies for real business outcome and a unique, multi-metric KPI (key performance indicator) for each of the brands it works with.

On the consumer end, he shifted the focus to one that thinks less like a programmatic media-buying shop and more like a creative agency.

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