Project #ShowUs: Mindshare & Dove


Dove Project #ShowUs is changing the way media and advertising represent women. Our industry has come a long way in representing women in more diverse and authentic ways. But women around the world are speaking up to remind us that we’re far from done.   70% of women say they still don’t feel represented in the images they see every day. Many of us know the phrase ‘you can’t be what you can’t see’, yet many images continue to impose unrealistic beauty standards that present a narrow view of who we are, what we should look like, and we can achieve. Every day, women’s lives are affected by these limitations, exclusions and stereotypes, in ways both big and small. It affects our health, relationships and opportunities in life.  

That’s why Dove has taken action in collaboration with Getty Images and Girlgaze to create the world’s largest stock photo collection of over 5000 images, created by women and non-binary individuals, to shatter beauty stereotypes by shows us we are, not as others believe we should be.  

In media, it was our mission to elevate this campaign for change, showcasing the images authentically where beauty standards are defined – the fashion and beauty publishing industry. Our goal was to get photos from the collection used far and wide, to better represent real women.  

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