Xaxis Published New Outcome Media Report: Measuring Success

A global survey of almost 5,000 digital media marketers by Xaxis reveals that the vast majority plan to increase their investment in the emerging field of ‘outcome-driven media’ to address growing media complexity and better understand the impact of their campaigns on business results.

The research concluded that the large majority of digital marketers plan to test new campaign success metrics to deal with growing complexity as ‘efficiency’ and ‘proving the impact on digital media spend on business objectives’ takes centre stage for 2019. Overall, Marketers globally plan increase activity in ‘outcome-driven media’ as digital attention turns to better success measurement. Outcome-driven media is defined as: “Planning and optimizing campaigns against KPIs – often tailor-made for an advertiser or campaign – that are much more closely aligned to the marketer’s ultimate marketing and business goals.”

Key Learnings from the Report:

The most commonly used metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of digital advertising investment globally are CPA, CPCV, CPC, and CTR, with significant variation across different markets and industries.

The vast majority of marketers surveyed (86%) found their current metrics to be effective in evaluating the success of their campaigns but those in Europe and Latin America were least likely to be satisfied.

The majority of respondents (72%) said they are likely to change the metrics they use to evaluate success in the near future. This was most significantly true for marketers at companies investing more than $21 million in digital media.

Digital marketers at large advertisers said the most significant barrier to making that change was that current metrics are too embedded with industry partners.

71% of marketers agree it has become more difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of digital media investment in recent years, particularly marketers in the huge and fastgrowing markets of India and China.

Increased efficiency tops the list of media investment priorities for digital marketers over the next 12 months but strategy alignment, resource allocation, and viewability also feature strongly and there is large variation across different territories and industries.

Eight out of ten marketers agree it is essential for digital campaigns to directly correlate to business results and that the ability to meet business objectives has a positive impact on the marketing budget. The same proportion agree this correlation gave them a competitive advantage.

77% of marketers said they analyze all media activity in-house.

79% of digital marketers at organizations with an annual digital media investment of $25 million or more use custom KPIs to measure success.

86% of marketers surveyed said they intended to increase their investment in ‘outcome-driven media’ in the next 12-24 months and 79% said they would seek to work with partners that could help them do so.

To learn more and download the report, please visit: https://www.xaxis.com/2018-outcome-media-report/