Increasing sales conversion amongst new & experienced gardeners for Miracle Gro


It’s not surprising that many people turned to gardening as a way to spend time outdoors during the COVID-19 lock downs, but what may be surprising is that, in a survey, more than 93% of participants said they intended to continue with the hobby in 2022. In fact, over 64% said they intended to increase their time in (and their spending on) their gardens in the future.*

With this increased interest in gardening, Miracle-Gro, as a trusted brand but one with low brand bias, recognised the opportunity in front of them. Because 65% of gardening product decisions are made at the point of purchase, it’s important that consumers recognise the value of Miracle-Gro’s products and feel an affinity for them so that they reach for Miracle-Gro products even if competitors are priced lower.

Miracle-Gro’s objective was to increase brand love and create an emotional connection with both novice and expert gardeners in order to build positive sentiment and improve conversion in an increasingly competitive category.


Miracle-Gro worked with Wavemaker and GroupM Nexus to build a custom audience of keen gardeners. Starting with YouGov data, we identified the target audience as Adults aged between 25 – 44 who have a garden and are willing to pay extra for quality goods.

These segments were then mapped to 3rd party data segmentations from partners including Acxiom and Experian to further finesse the audience around interest in gardening and DIY. Finally, aggregated and anonymised transactional data from Mastercard was overlaid to identify segments with an interest in home improvement.

Using GroupM Nexus advanced TV, Miracle-Gro was able to reach its bespoke audience while they watched TV on the big screen.

To measure this campaign’s success, we worked with LiveRamp to measure the incremental value of targeting through GroupM Nexus.

We’re really pleased with the sales increases that resulted from our GroupM Nexus campaign. It’s clear that our ad landed in front of a receptive audience and that the audience was motivated to choose our brand over our competitors.

Frode Hernes Communication & Activation Manager

GroupM Nexus partnered with LiveRamp and Dunnhumby to understand the value of the targeted campaign. LiveRamp are able to access Tesco transaction data via Dunnhumby and use this to build out exposed vs. control groups, which are overlaid onto GroupM Nexus targeting. Analysis is then undertaken to determine the incremental sales and customers driven by exposure to the advanced TV campaign.

The campaign was very successful with strong results across key metrics including:

  • A 3.5% increase in total revenue
  • More than 2% increase in total customers
  • An increase of nearly 3% in the total number of units sold
  • A 1.9% increase in units per transaction

The campaign enabled MiracleGro to improve conversion and drive sales uplift. It was successful at both re-engaging the existing brand customers as well as driving new customers to spend, demonstrating the power of TV with the precision of data through GroupM Nexus advanced TV.