Advertising isn’t at risk. It’s just growing up

  • News
  • February 20, 2018
  • Andrew Shebbeare

I can’t pretend to speak for a whole industry, but I do want to share a more optimistic vision of the future than Gideon Spanier portrayed in his column in Campaign earlier this month.

While the average velocity in our sector may be dragged down by some conventional advertising done in traditional ways, it is also lifted by a new breed of client, agency and content creator who understands the drivers of the new media economy and is proving there are ways to secure a more sustainable, respectful and additive media future.

Brands are more important than ever but consumers are more perceptive, informed and exacting; it takes more than mass aspirational communication to win their loyalty.

They expect brands that act with purpose and integrity, creating genuine utility for their customers in every interaction.

Transgressions are punished swiftly but good behaviour is celebrated more loudly than ever.

These forces will push our craft forward in so many different ways. The rules of influence have changed, and with them the rules of advertising.

The inventory pressure created by subscription services and ad avoidance is real.

Add in our progress driving out fraud, protecting brand safety, driving viewability and we reveal a pool of quality supply smaller than most realised.

Far from killing off advertising, I believe this new awareness will bring out the best in our industry.

Andrew Shebbeare is Essence’s co-founder and cheif product officer. Read his full piece at Campaign.