Agencies are Proving Resilient – and Growth Will Accelerate

  • News
  • October 25, 2019

With most of the agency holding companies’ third quarter 2019 results in and the outlook for the remainder of the year relatively set in the minds of investors, it’s a good time to reassess the big picture for the agency industry.

In my prior role as an analyst, whether bullish or bearish on the near-term for the sector, I wrote about the long-term resilience of agencies.

I even argued that over extended time horizons the sector retained the potential to out-perform many of the companies in adjacent sectors within the media industry.

In the worst-case scenarios I could envision, I believed that agencies could retain the bulk of their revenues because what they did was fundamentally unique and essential.

Whether a media agency, a creative agency or any other type of agency, one of the most important – if under-appreciated – functions they perform is their day-to-day creation and socializing of ideas with clients and scores of internal constituents.

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