Wavemaker’s Amanda Richman Frames The NewFronts: Tonality, Creativity with a Service Focus

The 2020 NewFronts, taking place virtually at the end of this month, will happen through the lens of an industry reshaped by the pandemic. Businesses have had to innovate more than ever during COVID, particularly around their spending strategies for marketing and advertising. In a Beet.TV interview, Amanda Richman, US CEO of Wavemaker, discussed the ways that the pandemic has forced brands and brand marketers to lean into their creative side.

The industry is now entering a second phase of the COVID pandemic where companies are thinking more long term about the opportunities available given the evolved consumer behaviors.

“[We are now figuring out what it means] to think about media overall and how we can better connect media itself and messaging using all that we have at our hands when it comes to data and technology,” Richman says.

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