GroupM Demonstrates Measurable Impact for Clients Through the GroupM Amazon Ads Excellence Monitor

In October 2023, GroupM and Amazon Ads unveiled a first of its kind co-engineered monitoring system for Amazon Ads, leveraging 23 custom variables across four categories of metrics — Advertising Readiness, Targeting, Creative, and Campaign Management — that contribute to a proprietary Amazon Ads Quality of Excellence (QoE) score for advertisers in every market.

A quarter after launch, the preliminary results show the measurable impact of the co-engineered system on advertising performance. Based on GroupM Quality of Excellence Scores, as defined by the monitor, advertisers that are in the top quartile on average achieved:

  • 6.5x Greater Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • 3.0x Greater Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • 4.3x Greater Month over Month New to Brand (NTB)
  • 3.7x Greater Month over Month Ad Attributed Sales

Further, the results showed that strength in Advertising Readiness and Creative categories most significantly contributed to performance increases for three out of four KPIs, while Campaign Management and Creative category variables most significantly impacted the fourth.

Initial results signaled three key learnings:

  • Higher QoE scores indicate increased performance not only for efficiency KPIs such as ROAS, but also effectiveness KPIs such as New to Brand.
  • Advertising Readiness (Product & Operations Centric Variables) and Creative (Ad Content Centric Variables) do not belong on opposite sides of the commerce management spectrum; they are inextricably linked and should be managed holistically to drive business impact, as evidenced by their joint impact to 3 of 4 KPIs.
  • By reducing noise to focus on the variables we know drive the biggest change, we can best use analytics to hold ourselves accountable and make fast decisions that materially move the needle

Amy Armstrong, Director Global Customer Development at Amazon Ads, commented on GroupM’s commitment to excellence saying, “These strong results so early are a testament to GroupM’s understanding of Amazon Ads and day-to-day commitment to client performance. We look forward to continuing this journey with GroupM and innovating together to best serve our mutual customers.”