GroupM Spain CSR Plan 2015-2016

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GroupM Spain produced an internal CSR plan three years ago aimed to support and reinforce the HR policy of GroupM and its agencies. We created a brand, Ayúdame Ponteenmedio, designed to strengthen the solidarity and collaborative aspects with the society in which we live. Like any company with a social awareness, GroupM believes there is a moral and ethical obligation in business to contribute and give back to the society part of what we get from it. The origin of this project lies in the conviction that the sum of forces leads to a better outcome. Brands disappear in order to involve all our employees towards a common good. Hence, we encourage all employees and GroupM agencies to work together. 

In GroupM Spain we believe that: "The better awareness, the better decisions, and the better decisions, the better results". Ayúdame Ponteenmedio is divided into three types of initiatives: 

1.Donations: We design social campaigns to help the disadvantage people. Campaigns such as Operation Kilo collect food, clothing, money, etc.

2.Solidarity Time & Talent: Here we relate solidarity to our professional field. It strengthens the professional "empowerment" with social issues. We donate some of our time and professional expertise (without prejudice to the company and making the customers feel pride) in the areas we do best: Solidarity media planning (Why not consider a free site for an NGO in your next campaign?); Collaboration for developing Social Communication Campaigns; Help an NGO to achieve more impact, etc.

3.Voluntary Actions: People with an RSC spirit. This strand is divided into three areas:

3.1Training / Reflection: We talk to people spreading a spirit of solidarity and sharing experiences.

3.2Voluntary Time: We implement that spirit on the ground: International Voluntary, National Voluntary; Training for socially disadvantaged people; Painting a school, a village, a house; Playing with children or helping them with homework.

3.3: Battered Women, Cooking for seniors, Soup kitchens, Integration of disabled people at workplace, Supporting awareness projects and social momentum.


Looking to 2016, and in line with the objective of focusing CSR on Education and Empowerment, GroupM Spain has undertaken a series of activities:


-Sport coaches for children at risk of exclusion to instil the sport values: perseverance, effort, how to face challenges.

-Participation in educational projects such as the one created by ING Direct and UNICEF to provide schooling for children in Zambia, India and Brazil: This initiative starts on the website, which presents the need to build schools, to train teachers, to provide schools with supplies and to educate more than 67 million children who are unable to receive education. It ends in a mobile app that represents symbolically the school. You just have to download it for 79 cents so that children can go to the school. Then you see how one of the children of the web 'goes' to the school located in the mobile. ING Direct and UNICEF have an alliance since 2005 to defend the right to education, and they innovate the methodology for fundraising every year. They surprised last year with The School Land, a virtual school to be built first on Facebook and then in Zambia.


-The Time Bank in collaboration with Social Services Majadahonda. Our employees help needy families by doing homework with children, teaching English or teaching how to cook healthy recipes. This initiative is replicable internally.

-School for parents. Employees who have children can give workshops on how to take care of the new-borns, basic care, etc.

-Classes for adults and workshops for unemployed people: Excel, computer and job search.


Two employees of GroupM Spain who founded the NGO Helping Malawi, which operates in Africa, needed to raise funds for 13 scholarships. After knowing the difficulties these children face to studying and aware of their tough daily life, GroupM joined the initiative and developed an action that involved all the staff. 

The action was divided into several phases. The first day, the employees and agencies found broken pencils in their tables, tipped on a sheet of paper with the text: "From Malawi For You". When they turned on the computer they discovered an accountant showing a countdown to the 30th of July, as well as an email from the Human Resources department explaining the action:

Today we’ll do a test. On your table you have encountered a pencil. We invite you to bite it, watching your partner doing the same. What's up? Surely both have smiled. This is because of your mirror neurons have worked and the good news is that they do work. Well, something simple like a smile can be achieved with a simple pencil, even if it is broken like that.

And make someone smile is our goal: the children of Malawi. We want them to receive as many pencils as you have in your table. When someone gives them a scarce good as a pencil is, they divide it to share it with the child at their side. And together they write, tell stories, learn, educate. Helping Malawi is devoted to them and for them we ask your help today. It is our first social action.

We want these children smile like you’ve just done. And we are confident that we will smile again by working and seeing the mission accomplished. Like Triana and Ramón, the two colleagues of GroupM that started the adventure of Helping Malawi, who now have a problem and ask us for help. 4000 euros are required to finance 13 scholarships that will help the children in Malawi study next year.

We are 570 employees at GroupM. We have 35 days left. Will we achieve it? It sounds easy. If you say yes, set the counter in motion: the countdown for Helping Malawi starts. For more on what is Helping Malawi click here: <http://>

The next day, HR sent a video of the founders of Helping Malawi. Every Friday until the deadline, we sent a new email with stories that approached the educational and social reality, combined with video and photos of the project. Boxes were placed in all the offices to deposit the pencils. The company donated an amount of money for each pen provided. Contributions could also be made confidentially.

Finally, 644 pencils were collected, to which GroupM gave a symbolic value. We conducted a video to convey thanks to the employees for their great involvement in the initiative.

Green Steps

In GroupM Spain we are aware of the importance of protecting our environment to make the planet a better place. Inspired by this idea, we decided to convey that concern to the employees. We wanted to raise their awareness and responsible attitudes, by saving paper and recycling toner printers (the latter had already been done by GroupM, but many employees didn’t know it).

In the end, protecting the environment is everyone's job, the employees and the company alike.

To carry it out, we crafted a "green zone" in the printing areas of our office in Madrid. We put stickers with the image of trees on the walls and a phrase that introduced workers in this remodelled area: Your steps make us green. On the floor, we put green footsteps. Likewise, we modified the logo of GroupM exclusively for this area, leaving the "M" in green instead of its corporative blue, so that it didn’t disrupt the harmony of the area.

Recycling Campaign

Once, when having coffee with our CEO, they talked about eh importance of recycling and since then we've out more emphasis on communicating out measures (recycling paper, toner) to the employees by means of internal communications and installing more recycling points. 

The Tree of Wishes

We ‘plant’ a Christmas tree once again that changes toys for social wishes. The employees bring toys and make a wish for a social cause, either for an NGO or for an individual case that needs help. The toys are given to NGOs working with children from families at risk of exclusion. This year we collaborated with national and international associations that promote child rights: health, education.

Solidary Toys

In line with our Christmas ‘Tree of wishes’, and with the purpose of adding more toys and illusions for the children, Bluechip Comunicación agency organized a night party with a musical live jam session in which the attendants could sing as well and have a whale of a time. Everything at this simple but significant price: a toy. Finally, joining this party to the Tree of Wishes, more than 200 toys were collected. On January the 5th, the ‘Puerta de Hierro’ hospital in Madrid received a special visit: a Three Wise Men amazing parade. Accompanied by their pages (who in fact were some of GroupM employees dressed up) and a chorus singing carols, they handed out the gifts to the astonished children. A different action took place in the ‘Vall d’Hebron’ hospital in Barcelona. Not only in Christmas but also throughout the whole year, the children receive a special stick with the funny drawing of a super-hero designed with a nice ‘M’ as a GroupM flagship brand. This modest token is a way to reward them when being medicated and at least, makes them smile. 

Mom Operation 

We collected products for the NGO Olvidados (Forgotten) and delivered them to children of families without resources. This way they could surprise their mothers on Mother's Day. 

Urgent Collections for NGOs like Plan

It requested our help in fundraising for the earthquake in Nepal.

Operation Kilo  

We collected non-perishable food for needy families in Madrid at the difficulties of the Food Bank of Madrid.

Operation Camp

GroupM and its agencies were mobilized with the purpose of helping some children of a neighbourhood of Madrid to attend a summer camp with their peers. Not only it provided entertainment and fun but it was also the only way to guarantee one meal a day for them.

Solidarity Spirits 

Xavier Torres, a Paralympic champion in swimming, gave a speech whose words were examples of courage and value to our employees. Also Jon Santacana, a Paralympic champion in skiing, inspired us about overcoming.

Intermon Oxfam Trail Walker

We offered our employees the opportunity to take part in this charity race, organized by Oxfam Intermon, financing their entries.

Begins September 

Goodbye to the days of beach. Routine and chores come back. A layer of melancholy pervades us to say goodbye to summer. It's funny, but we spent the whole year waiting for the summer holidays and we forget that every day is important and magical. You just have to dare to live the dream.

Inspiring Talks

In the latter Kick off of GroupM, Luis Galindo gave a talk on the importance of motivation, effort and “especially” of the dream in life, both in the free time and at work. We want everybody to enjoy their work and to know how important their role is within the company and that together we are better.

We leave a Decalogue with Galindo’s inspirational quotes that will help you regain the enthusiasm, the desire to improve every day and work with a smile.

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