November 16, 2017

Seven things every CMO should know about addressable TV advertising

It may seem like a niche way to advertise on TV, but addressable TV advertising with its pin-point targeted accuracy, is going to be a game-changer for the advertising industry, writes Finecast's chief executive.

Marketers know and love TV. In the UK, they’ve successfully used TV advertising to build brands for more than six decades. Despite media fragmentation, for many, it's still a favoured medium thanks to its engaged audiences and well understood ability to build brands.

But TV is changing fast, as we have explored in our recent The State of Video report which discusses the scale in technology and suitable inventory required to deliver "people", rather than "programme", focussed TV advertising. Marketers must understand how and why TV’s addressable powers are worthy of their love and respect.

I think there are seven reasons why addressable TV will make an already highly effective advertising medium even more compelling for brands, not just in the future, but right now:

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