What’s In Store Among Startups at CES?

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The 2017 CES Eureka Park Marketplace will be more exciting than ever. This flagship emerging technology destination at CES showcases new products, services or ideas ranging from prototypes to startups, spanning the entire consumer tech spectrum.  In years past, this area showcased innovations that made devices work longer and better, new and different screens, tools for content creation, story sharing and improved analysis of context.  It was mostly focused on the tech itself. 

This year we will see many of those same themes.  However, a major change in 2017 is more focus on human-to-machine interfaces.  The technologies to be showcased center on how humans will interact with machines rather than the key features of the technology itself.

We will see new ways to give devices instructions or feedback.  Gesture control technologies, like USens, will be showcased, demonstrating how humans can communicate to computers in a more natural, non-intrusive way.  Haptic feedback, the sensation of touch, showcased by Hap2U will be enhanced and bring the user experience to a new era by providing a more accurate haptic interaction to all touch interfaces. And naturally, Eureka Park will feature a broad range of technologies and applications for mobile, automotive, gaming and also E-commerce.

Hanson Robotics will feature robots with more human characteristics, and this too will make human-to-device interaction much more natural.   For now, there won’t be robots solving all of our needs.  Instead, we’ll see a combination of device, artificial intelligence (AI), and human intelligence. A hybrid personal assistant by Wiidii, a blend of human and machine, will organize your bookings, schedule your appointments, and even suggest quality places and useful information.  

Tytocare will show us how telehealth blends human and technology, enabling consumers to get a comprehensive medical exam anytime and anywhere.  AI natural language conversational interfaces will help airlines, hotels, booking companies and others, provide "anytime, anywhere" access to services, as well as efficient, elegant and streamlined customer satisfaction and hassle-free experiences.  Soon we may prefer not speaking to an actual human.

But if you ever have gotten emotional speaking to an automated attendant or waiting for a live person in a customer service experience, there are also new solutions like Feel to help us manage our feelings.    We will be able to track how we feel, measuring a variety of bio-signals while receiving personalized recommendations and coaching to help improve emotional well-being.  Or, maybe we need a little help warming up. We will be able to adjust the temperature of our clothing using Climb8 by tracking our body temperature and receiving heat from the clothing itself, if needed, giving us that warm personal hug we may just need!

Holograms, virtual reality and 3D scanning technologies will be everywhere at the show and will help inspire a new era of creativity. Holographic technology like Holospace will combine the power of 3D visualization with user interactivity, immersing viewers into a world of Virtual Reality without requiring them to put on goggles. Interactive 3D content from Bellus 3D will engage entire crowds.  3D scanning will empower many new mobile applications that require high quality 3D faces used in applications like payments, customer experience and playful experiences. 

Commerce will also be showcased by Klickly with new ways to buy what you want, when you see it without navigating away from your content. EXY Sharing will show how peer-to-peer lending will continue to grow and evolve with technology that allows you to indicate the way you would like your RV, boat or anything else to be used by someone else.

If there’s one area of CES you should see, it should be Eureka Park. This year’s showcase will emphasize the “consumer” in the Consumer Electronics Show by inspiring and evolving our understanding how human-to-machine connections will fundamentally change our lives.

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